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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Another website ...

During the Saint Valentine week-end of february 2015, I've closed the radio website. We have a conflict between SABAM (Author's Royalties society in Belgium) and Radionomy (webradio hosting society) .
The consequence is that the SABAM will charge individualy the webradio.
The problem is that with radionomy the creator of the radio is not the owner.
I am in the impossibilities to closed the radio and also in the impossibilities to pay the royalties.
So I have erased all my webradios websites but impossible to delete the pages on Radionomy.
The deletion processus is blocked !. So as it's Radionomy who's play the music, it's at Radionomy to pay !

Listen relax music on Radionomy !

I have now created this website who's not a website for radio but for healing & relaxing music.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Acoustic Calm Music Clip

A project of Julien Marechal.

An acoustic calm music clip.

Website (En & Fr)

Friday 14 February 2014

Vinito Music

Andreas Hoegel, Cologne, Germany

Lounge, Electronica, Songwriting

He was born in 1954 in Germany. Starting as a singer / songwriter, Avitus he began experimenting with electronic sounds he combined with acoustic instruments. His special interest is to create music that is vibrant and dynamic and harmonious and joyful at the same time.


Listen piano moods of Sandra Labsch

Sandra lives in Mannheim, Germany.

She is passionate about teaching piano since 2005 and also consists mainly piano pieces. Many of them are "easy", with educational value, they appeal to beginners and are easy to interpret. Adults and children love this music.

Sandra looking for a publisher, and the opportunity to play his songs live. She dreams of seeing his music used in movies or on television and be published on CDs and thus reach those who are not able to play the piano themselves. Music really is as seductive as the artist and what sweetness emanates from these notes! I sincerely hope that Sandra Labsch find the opportunity to become known as his work deserves.


Thursday 13 February 2014

Purify your hearts with classical new age piano melodies!

Currently playing in New York City, pianist Sehwan Park is rooted with a classical background, and incorporates pop, jazz, and New Age to express a method of musical sense and style. This album was majorly focused on the reality of live recordings and emphasizes the advantage of pure, non-edited recordings. As Park traveled around concert halls in music colleges within New York City and New Jersey area, he captured all of his live recordings with sound arrangements and additions. This album includes the best of Park's live-recorded pieces, which brings alive an acoustic piano tone. Unfortunately, classical arrangement parts such as soprano, cello, oboe, and chamber music have not been included in the recorded tracks. However, in Park's next album, he plans to produce an album filled with an ensemble. Among the many songs in the album, the specific track, “Still Missing You,” has a string-based sound that brings a lonely yet sweet piano melody reminiscent of BGM in dramas and movies. On the other hand, the tracks “Theme From Arensky” and “Solitary Hotel,” obtain hidden techniques and have a difficult way of playing classical music, yet the two tracks create a classical atmosphere that flows accordingly. The tracks “Alone Harbor” and “Hudson River Parkway,” were inspired by New York Manhattan's view and nostalgia; by creating a moody artwork of this age, you can experience pianist Sehwan Park's sensitivity and communication in his heartening live-recorded soundtrack album. You can preview and download his music on iTunes and amazon music.